4th Global Investment Symposium

2011 Global Investment Symposium

September 19-20, 2011

September 19

Private dinner with His Excellency Governor Amr Dabbagh, Chairman of the Economic Cities. This reception is open to IEA members on the CEO Alliance. Selected companies interested in expanding into Saudi Arabia can receive a time-saving, exclusive provisional license valid for 6 months to activate market entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

September 20

  • 7:30 AMRegistration Opens

  • 8:15 AMWelcome & Opening Remarks, Q&A by IEA Co-Chairman

    Q&A by IEA Co-Chairman The Honorable Paul Volcker

    Former Chairman, US Federal Reserve Board; Former Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

  • 8:45 AMInteractive Business Discussion I: Engines of Growth

    As profits have increased but not top line growth, how will the growth engines for corporate and government revenues emerge? This interactive discussion will address which innovative industries, investments, policies, consumer demand, and regions can ignite growth for the world's economies.

    Introduced by Governor John Engler

    President of the Business Roundtable, Former Governor of Michigan, Former President & CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers

    With Maurice R. Greenberg

    Chairman & CEO, C.V. Starr & Co.

    With Muhtar Kent

    Chairman & CEO, The Coca-Cola Company

    With The Honorable Peter G. Peterson

    Chairman of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

    Co-Founder of Blackstone,

    Former US Secretary of Commerce

    Led by Professor Walter Kuemmerle

    President of the Kuemmerle Research Group, Ltd., Former Harvard Business School Professor

  • 9:45 AMHead of State/Minister Country Presentation I

    Newly-elected President of Ivory Coast and former IMF economist Alassane Ouattara will highlight his recovery plan for the largest economy in West Africa, which is simultaneously the world's largest exporter of cocoa beans, and a significant exporter of oil, gas, coffee beans & palm oil.

  • 10:10 AMBreak

  • 10:25 AMHead of State/Minister Country Presentation II

    Prime Minister Iveta Radičová will provide insight into the Slovak Republic's remarkable economic growth and into the surge in foreign direct investment facilitated by the government's business friendly policies.

  • Head of State/Minister Country Presentation III

    President Mwai Kibaki will provide insight into Kenya's investment-friendly regulatory reforms, how turnover from fast-growing companies is driving the country forward, and how this regional financial, communications and trade hub intends to remain the largest economy in East Africa.

  • Head of State/Minister Country Presentation IV

  • Head of State/Minister Country Presentation V

    President Martinelli will highlight Panama's five-year, $13.6 billion investment plan for infrastructure and services. Panama is boasting the fastest growth rate in the Americas, and has become a leading target of FDI, and one of the richest countries in Latin America accounting to purchasing power.

  • 12:00 PMInteractive Lunch

    With Professor Malcolm Salter - Harvard Business School

    Former Senior Dean of External Relations at Harvard Business School & Former President of Mars & Co.

  • 2:00 PMInteractive Business Discussion II - The Fuel of Finance

    Global deleveraging, rebalancing and regulations are still in motion. How will this affect global financial systems? As finance is a fuel of growth and the global economy, this interactive discussion will address the future of finance, investment, debt and capital markets.

    With Senator Phil Gramm

    UBS Vice-Chairman, Former Senator

    Moderated by Robert Pozen

    Harvard Business School

    Chairman Emeritus of MFS Investment Management; Former President of Fidelity; author: The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed & Too Big to Save? How to Fix the US Financial System

  • 3:00 PMBreak

  • 3:15 PMHead of State/Minister Country Presentation VI

    Representing the Republic of Ecuador, Coordinating Minister of Production Nathalie Cely will present government initiatives to facilitate the entry of new investment in light of new reforms on the country's foreign investment policy.

  • Head of State/Minister Country Presentation VII

  • Head of State/Minister Country Presentation VIII

    The Kingdom of Morocco (which will be represented at the Ministerial level) is focused on increasing business opportunities and on welcoming foreign investment through international trade agreements and ambitious sectorial strategies.

  • Head of State/Minister Country Presentation IX

  • 5:00 PMInteractive Business Discussion III - The Throttle & Emissions of Economies: Inflation & Deflation

    This discussion will highlight the subject that is impacting countries, companies and investors worldwide. What are the links between inflation, currencies, asset prices, commodities, and economic expectations across countries and sectors? What can countries, corporations, and investors do to drive real growth, profits and returns?

    Led by: Professor Roberto Rigobon

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Professor of Applied Economics at the Sloan School of Management, Co-Founder of The Billion Prices Project, research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research

  • 5:45 PMClosing Comments - End of Symposium

    Reserved Countries

    The following countries have reserved space to participate in the Symposium, and for their Head of State or Minister to lead a country presentation and hold private meetings. Given the nature of government schedules, the list of countries is ever-changing. Non-presenting countries may also hold pre-scheduled private meetings, providing IEA members and invited delegates with clear insights and a direct view of investment opportunities from around the world.