2014 GIS Program

Global Investment Symposium

"Pathways To Prosperity"
September 23-24, 2014
Held officially on the occasion of the UN General Assembly

Join international leaders and advance your business globally
To ensure the effectiveness and intimate nature of the event, we urge you to RSVP and secure your companies attendance today. All registrations are reviewed by IEA. Registration fee confers associate membership for one year, with participation in country events throughout the year.
Additional Offerings
IEA will work with you to customize your PRIVATE MEETINGS WITH HEADS OF STATE AND MINISTERS/ Ministers/ CEOs throughout UNGA week with our 54 Country Members.


Global Investment Symposium
Tuesday, September 23rd
Harvard Club of New York City
9/23 @ 11AM  

QATAR Country Presentation with Minister of Economy and Trade Ahmed bin Jassim AlThani

Qatar is rich in petroleum: 60% of its gross domestic product is derived from it. However, under an innovative and far-sighted plan called Qatar National Vision 2030, the Qatari government is looking to grow the country's economy beyond what its natural resources can provide. The plan centers on diversification, and  steps are already being taken to grow Qatar's tourism, capital market, and transportation sectors.  

9/23 @ 12:30PM  

COLOMBIA Country Presentation & Lunch with President Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia boasts a dynamic domestic market, being the 23rdlargest population of the world and the second most populous Spanish-speaking population. It is the third most business-friendly and the leading reforming country in Latin America according to Doing Business 2013 of the World Bank. Strengthening the macroeconomic variables together with a dynamic economic performance stand out. The GDP per capita has doubled over the last decade, going from USD 5.8 in 2000 to USD 10.4 in 2012.

Global Investment Symposium
Wednesday, September 24th
Yale Club of New York City
9/24 @ 8AM  

Opening Remarks by Ambassador Thomas Pickering

Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering co-chairs the IEA Advisory Board. Mr. Pickering holds the rank of Career Ambassador, the highest rank in the U.S. Foreign Service, from which he retired in 2000 as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. He was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 1989 -1992 in addition to serving as the U.S. ambassador to seven countries.

9/24 @ 8AM 
Case Studies Presentation with Governor of Central Bank of Peru, Julio Velarde


Velarde has held senior positions in the corporate and public sectors, has published numerous books and conducted research and consulting to organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank , the World Bank , the International Development Agency , the International Labour Organization and International Development Research Center of Canada, among others. He is former Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of the Pacific. Since 2003, he has acted as President of the Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR).
In partnership with the Peruvian Business Council.           
@ 8:20AM    
Infrastructure, Foundations of Growth

Infrastructure is critical to global economies, both emerging and developed- arguably the foundation of growth. This interactive discussion will address global, regional, and local case studies of how infrastructure is helping lay the groundwork of a new growth economy.

@ 8:20AM   
Walter Piazza, Chairman of COSAPI Engineering
@ 9AM Felix Antelo  
, CEO of LAN Peru
@ 9:15AM Benjamin Griswold  
, Chair, Blue Water Worldwide
9/24 @ 9:30AM Country Presentation Reserved for PERU
with Minister of Foreign Trade Magali Silva

Peru had a decade of economic growth that is unprecedented in its history. It has made great strides in development, with poverty dramatically cut by more than 50%. The core of the current sound economic performance of the country is a combination of macroeconomic stability, prudent fiscal spending and surpluses, high international reserves, reduced external debt, leading to investment gradestatus, all of these factors have led Peru to achieve high middle income status.

In partnership with the Peruvian Business Council.  
9/24 @ 10AM - Engines of Growth, Emerging Markets

As profits have increased, but not growth, how will the growth engines for corporate and government revenues emerge? This interactive discussion will address which innovative industries, investment, policies, demand, and regions can ignite growth for the world's economies. With William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.


Panel Moderator is Dr. Bhaskar Chakravorti. Dr. Chakravorti is the Senior Associate Dean of International Business & Finance at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. 

9/24 @ 11AM  BREAK
9/24 @ 11:15AM - MYANMAR Country Presentation 
with Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin

The Economist special report on Myanmar (Burma) points to increased economic activity resulting from Myanmar's political transformation and influx of foreign direct investment from Asian neighbors. In addition, According to a report released on 30 May 2013 by the McKinsey Global Institute Myanmar's economy is expected to quadruple by 2030 if it invests in more high-tech industries.

9/24 @ 11:45AM - GEORGIA Country Presentation 
with Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili
Georgia's recent economic achievements include stable economic growth, despite fluctuations affecting most world economies.The World Bank hailed Georgia's commitment to reforms over the past years as "unprecedented" after the country rose from 112th to 9th place in the world in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business rank and Doing Business Reformer Club awarded Georgia as Top Reformer according to five-year measure of cumulative change.
9/24 @ 12:15PM - Reserved Country Presentation
Reserved countries include South Africa, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Malawi.
9/24 @ 2:00PM - Reserved  
 Country Presentation
Reserved countries include South Africa, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Malawi.
9/24 @ 2:30PM - Horsepower of Energy

Energy is essential for economies. Countries are searching for game-changing shale to supplement traditional sources while incenting alternatives. How will this balance play out?  Who will win?  


Floyd Wilson, CEO of Halcon Resources, was the Chairman and CEO of Petrohawk Energy from 2004 until 2011, when BHP Billiton acquired it for $15.1 billion. Mr. Floyd Wilson is  a pioneer in the Shale Revelation that has impacted world markets. 


This discussion will be moderated by Dr. Joseph Stanislaw, Founder The JAStanislaw Group and  Co-founder of Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA).

9/24 @ 3:00PM -  Fuel of Finance
Smart Money: Where is it investing? Global Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity are looking around the world for returns for their investors.  How is the money behind money investing?  How can countries attract smart money?   
John Phelan is Co-Managing Partner and Co-Founder of MSD Capital, L.P.  MSD was formed to exclusively manage the capital of Michael Dell and his family.  MSD is considered one of the most sophisticated family office investors and invests globally in: Publicly-traded securities,  Traditional private equity activities, Real estate, Special opportunities and Selectively investing with established third-party managers in the private and public markets.
9/24 @ 3:30PM - Reserved Country Presentation
Reserved countries include South Africa, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Malawi.
9/24 @ 4PM - 
CEO Only/Private Meetings with Prime Minister NajibRazak

Malaysia was the 3rd largest economy in Southeast Asia and is the world's largest Islamic banking center. The economy is driven by exports of electronics, palm oil, rubber and oil and gas. Major initiatives are underway effectively diversifying the economy with value-added jobs in finance, high technology, biotechnology, and services.

9/24 @ 4:30PM - Kenya
CEO Only/Private Meetings with President UhuruKenyatta
Private sector-led economic growth has since the early 2000s, been Kenya's Priority. The Government's business-friendly stance has rolled over into Vision 2030, which sets development benchmarks for a number of priority sectors.