Program 2005




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Welcome and Opening Remarks: Van McCormick

Director, International Economic Alliance


Executive Interview: IFC and EBRD

Edward Nassim, Director of Central and Eastern Europe, IFC

Kamen Zahariev, Country Director Ukraine, EBRD


ModeratorDr. John Tedstrom, President, Trans-Atlantic Partners Against AIDS


Refreshment Break



Panel I: The Impact of Reform on Business


Assigns a special focus to advancements made by government regulation in: (a.) WTO/EU accession; (b.) joint stock, bankruptcy, tax and corporate law; and (c.) re-privatization. As these reforms take root, will they lead to the bargain opportunities available in the early nineties? How are anti-corruption measures broadening the accessibility of Ukrane's abundant business opportunities for domestic and foreign investors?The prospects for equitable joint stock company laws in Eastern Europe? Will owners of re-privatized companies be subjected to previous investors' terms and conditions? Who stands to gain or lose and what will be the guarantees, if any, for past and future creditors and investors?


ModeratorDr. Sergei Konoplyov, Harvard University

SpeakersAlexei Danilov, Governor of Luhansk

Sarah Carey, Partner, Squire Sanders

Jaroslawa Johnson, Managing Partner, Chadbourne & Parke

Peter Koelle, Chairman, International Bank of Moscow



Special Interactive Roundtable:

Based on the Harvard Case-study model, an integrated roundtable will be held

to include the audience in the discussion.


Luncheon Keynote Address: Konstyantyn Gryschenko

Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine

Former Ambassador to the United States



Special Case Lecture: Rawi Abdelal

Harvard Business School Professor

“National Purpose in the World Economy:

Interpreting Investment in Russia and Ukraine”



Panel II: Spotlight on Entrepreneurship


Identifying new investment opportunities ready to flourish in current market conditions: information technology, food processing, tourism/resort development, et al. With Ukraine’s GDP on target to hit approximately 4% this year, entrepreneurial activity has been a major driver. How can this force for development be sustained? What is the government doing to foster a domestic and international culture of entrepreneurship in Ukraine? Where is Ukraine in acquiring the infrastructure needed to fuel technology entrepreneurship? What are the incentives needed to spur small and medium-sized businesses to reach the optimal 70% of industry mark needed to create economic stability? How can Ukraine leverage its skilled-labor force towards expanding high value-added industries?


ModeratorDr. John Tedstrom, President, Trans-Atlantic Partners Against AIDS

SpeakersRoman Kyzyk, Managing Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson NEXUS

Dorian Foyil, President, Foyil Securities

Ihor Pavlysh, Chairman, 3i

Elena Voloshina, Ukraine Program Director, International Finance Corporation



Refreshment Break



Panel III: Access to Capital


Perspectives on the investment climate from private equity firms, venture capitalists, international financial institutions, and others. Will new investment by the World Bank in Ukraine lead other institutional investors to follow? How can investors take advantage of banking reforms to capitalize and diversify Ukraine’s financial sector? What opportunities for finance and new financial products (leasing, insurance) are now available to mini-, mid-, and large-cap businesses in Ukraine? Predicting the investment grading one to five years out: what, if any, are the new risk factors to watch out for? The new government has been promised more than $7 Billion in investment in recent months; what will be the conditions necessary to make that a reality? From where and why is foreign capital flowing into the Ukraine?


ModeratorDr. John Gillingham, Senior Fellow, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute SpeakersEdward Nassim, Director of Central and Eastern Europe, IFC

Natalie Jaresko, President and CEO, Horizon Capital

Kamen Zahariev, Country Director Ukraine, EBRD

Jeffrey Millikan, CIS Regional Manager of Raiffeisen International



Special Address and Executive Interview: Volodymyr Ignaschenko

Deputy Economic Minister of Ukraine


Clarifying the new Government's commitment to pluralism and consensus building is imperative to understanding the direction of Ukraine's economy. How will President Yuschenko's move to dismiss the Cabinet modify plans for reform in Ukraine? What do these recent changes spell for his coalition in Parliamentary elections in March and the long-term outlook of his Administration? With Russia and the U.S. leading foreign investment into Ukraine, how will the political and economic repercussions of last year affect trade and investment from these and other countries? What internal policy changes will ignite the economy?


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