Finance Alliance

The Finance Alliance is an exclusive, membership-based advisory board within IEAdesigned for global financiers and investors to benefit from and contribute to IEA’sPrograms and events. Members of the Finance Alliance will join IEA’s quality network of peer Alliance members, made up of global leaders from business, government, finance and academia.

Due to the rapid operating changes that characterize the pace of the world economy, the Finance Alliance enables its members to gain insight on key global economic issues and how these affect their businesses and industries. Its Programs are practical, sensitive to time-constraints, and designed to advance members’ business interests. IEA vies to facilitate Finance Alliance members' entry, and growth, into international markets, and to further their portfolios.

Working with Harvard Professors and Alliance members, IEA has developed a unique interactive approach towards solving the critical business issues, by bringing leaders together in conducive settings via IEA Programs. Finance Alliance members have year-round access to IEA's Programs, which include: innovative joint research, student outreach, and practical events, such as in-person, online, teleconference, or video meetings, the Global Technology Symposium and the Global Investment Symposium held every September during the opening of the UN General Assembly.

Members also profit from the Alliance’s approach of welcoming appropriate non-profits, business councils and partners that a Finance Alliance member may support.

IEA provides its Finance Alliance members with insights based on combined market research from the Academic Alliance and the Insight Alliance to assist their expansion and introduce them to new international opportunities.