Symposia Global Investment Symposium 2010

2010 Symposium Pictures


COO of US Steel, John Goodish talks with his table guests before the start of the symposium

US Steel Delegates talk prior to opening session

      Prof. John Quelch talking with William Hickey, CEO of Seal Air

U.S. Steel Sponsor Table 

 Dr. Joe Stanislaw welcomes a delegation from Senegal

Dr. Joe Stanislaw welcomes Mr. Scully and Mr. Amir Lear, CEO of Mutual of America

IEA Co-Chair, Paul Volcker talks with US Chamber COO, David Chavern and IEA’s Van McCormick

 IEA’s Founding Director, Van McCormick welcomes                everyone to the Symposium and introduces IEA Co-Chair Paul Volcker

The Honorable Paul Volcker gives his opening    keynote address

Amir Lear, CEO of Mutual of America listening to Paul Volcker

CEO of Kaiser Permanente, Robert Pearl, asks a question to Mr. Volcker

 Mr. Volcker takes a question from US Steel

William Hickey, CEO of Sealed Air listens to the answers from Mr. Volcker

Paul Volcker gives an interview to Fox News

Fox’s David Asman gives Mr. Volcker a Trillion    dollar note from Zimbabwe and asks how he tamed inflation when Chairman of the US Federal Reserve

David Chavern, COO of the US Chamber of    Commerce discusses the “Engines of Growth”

CEO of Edelman, Richard Edelman discusses his views on the “Engines of Growth”

During the Interactive Business Discussion, Morocco’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Investments H.E. Ahmed Chami speaks with Morocco’s Ambassador Aziz Mekouar and Professor John Quelch

During the Interactive Business Discussion, Revenel Curry III, Co-Founder of Eagle Capital Management talks with other Hedge Fund managers while the Trade Commissioner of Ecuador listens to the feedback

Harvard Professor John Quelch talks with IEA’s Van McCormick about the interactive discussions.

CEO of Sealed Air, William Hickey responds to the delegates answers on how to create growth

IEA’s Lena Sene talks with Morocco’s table about the answers to create growth as they enjoy a break between sessions

Delegates from Senegal enjoy the break between sessions 

A delegate from a global shipping company discusses his tables views on growth with IEA’s Mabel Jong to capture the voice of business

Kingdom of Morocco Country Presentation led by H.E. Ahmed Chami, Minister of Industry, Trade and Investments

Minister Chami discusses the strategies and investment opportunities in Morocco

His Excellency Ahmed Chami discusses Morocco’s Strategies for Growth

Minister Chami takes questions as Prof. John Quelch

Minister Chami talk with delegates after his Country presentation and in route to private meetings.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Country Presentation led by H.E. Amr bin Abdullah Al-Dabbagh, Governor of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

His Excellency Dabbagh shares the strategies that    Saudi Arabia developed to invest in education,       food security and the new economic cities.

His Excellency Dabbagh discusses how Saudi Arabia has reached a top ten ranking in competitiveness among all nations.  

His Excellency Dabbagh meets with delegates after his speech and in route to private meetings.

IEA’s Van McCormick discusses the Lunch interviews with Keynote speakers Sec. Peter Peterson and Maurice Greenberg in the speaker room.

His Excellency Amr Dubbagh joins finance legends Sec. Peter Peterson and Hank Greenberg for lunch before their discussion on the “Future of Finance”

Van McCormick introduces the lunch discussion on      the “Future of Finance”

Sec. Peter Peterson, co-founder of Blackstone and Maurice Greenberg CEO of CV Starr

 Sec. Peterson shares his insight on the structure of Finance and concerns about global debt and how it  affects the “Future of Finance”

Delegate Governor Corzine, CEO of
MF Global; former Senator from and Governor of New Jersey as well as former co-CEO of Goldman Sachs shares his view on the future of finance and government debt

Maurice Greenberg CEO of CV Starr shares his insights on how we got here and what can be done to improve the future of the insurance and finance industries 

Serbian Country Presentation led by H.E. President Boris Tadić of the Republic of Serbia shares his  government’s economic policies to grow investments   in Serbia and jobs for his citizens

Serbian Minister of Trade, Dr. Slobodan Milosavljevic discusses the successes of foreign investments in Serbia and is joined by the Chairman of the AmCham in Serbia

President Boris Tadić speaks with delegates at the US Steel table

Serbian President, Boris Tadić heading for his private meetings

Harvard Professor, Edward Glaeser gives his innovative lecture on the “Central Paradox of Cities” and their fundamental roles in the growth of the global economy

Professor Glaeser engages the delegates with insightful reasons for the rebirth of New York City

Professor Glaeser closes with an interesting paradox that cities are more environmentally friendly then rural areas

Ambassador Peter Burian, Slovak Ambassador to the US talks with delegates during the break

Van McCormick welcomes His Excellency, President Nguyen Minh Triet of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Symposium

Vietnam Country Presentation led by H.E. President Nguyen Minh Triet discusses the strategies of running a high growth country that is integrating into the world economy

President Triet takes questions from the delegates and invites them to meet with him and his Minister of Economy to discuss opportunities in Vietnam

President Nguyen Minh Triet leads his delegation to their private meetings with CEOs

 Georgian Country Presentation led by H.E. President Mikheil Saakashvili who shares the personal story of their move to the top rankings on the ease of doing business and how that helped the Georgian economy.

President Saakashvili discusses how his government rebuilt trust in their system by minimizing corruption, lowering taxes and attracting investments that helped build their cities and created jobs 

President Saakashvili meets a delegate in route to private meetings

Kingdom of the Netherlands Country Presentation led by H.E. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende who discussed the fact that the Netherlands is the third largest investor in the United States

Prime Minister Balkenende also shared the unique aspects of his country’s people and companies that have enabled Dutch companies to make such large investments globally

Prime Minister Balkenende introduced the CEO of the global logistics company TNT, Mr. Peter Bakker, who shared the benefits of being a Dutch company and how that helps them expand globally

Prime Minister Balkenende, CEO of TNT, Peter Bakker and Ambassador Hugo Gajus Scheltema meet with delegates in route to private meetings

Dr. Joe Stanislaw leads the interactive discussion on how countries run their economies. He is joined by the representative of the African Union Chairmanship –Malawi the Minister of Industry and Trade, H.E. Eunice Kazembe, Chairman of Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Dr. Julio Velarde and Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister of Slovakia, Mikulás Dzurinda

Minister Eunce Kazembe, Minister of Industry and Trade for Malawi shares the plans of her President to attract investment in key industries and the initial opportunities for business

Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister of Slovakia, His Excellency Mikulás Dzurinda listens to Dr. Joe Stanislaw’s question on how, when he was Prime Minister, he was able to create a flat tax and how that impacted the long term success of their economic growth

Julio Velarde discusses the economic policies that enabled Peru market to achieve one of the highest rates of growth in the world.

His Excellency Mikulás Dzurinda talks with delegates at the close of the Interactive Discussion ‘Countries Inc.”

IEA Founding Director, Van McCormick closes the 2010 Symposium and invites delegates to the 2011 Global Investment Symposium at the Harvard Club during the 66th UN General Assembly on September 21st, 2011