Symposia Global Investment Symposium 11th Symposium 2018

11th Symposium 2018

Global Investment Symposium


"Pathways To Prosperity"
September 26, 2018
Held officially on the occasion of the 73rd UN General Assembly in New York City

Global Investment Symposium
Tuesday, September 26th
New York City

8:00 AM 

 Welcome and Opening Remarks by IEA Co-Chairs and Founding Director

8:05 AM – 3D Negotiations - Interactive Case Study with David LaxDavid Lax


As markets and profits have increased globally, how will the growth engines for corporate and government revenues continue to grow? This interactive discussion will address innovative industries, investments, policies, demand and what nations can do to ignite growth in their economies.


Panel Moderator is Professor Malcolm Salter Malcolm Salter is a Professor at Harvard University; Harvard Kennedy School, and Former Senior Associate Dean for External Affairs

9:00 AM – CEO Interview with Robert “Steve” Miller

Steve Miller has a legendary history of leading Fortune 500 corporate turnarounds including Chrysler, Olympia & York, Bethlehem Steel, Delphi Corp., and recently AIG, which was notable for being the largest turnaround in corporate history. He is Chairman of Purdue Pharma and on the board of Dow and Symantec, and has served on many other major boards. His experiences are shared in the book "The Turnaround Kid: What I Learned Rescuing America's Most Troubled Companies."









9:30 AM – "ENGINES OF GROWTH" - SME and Family Business with Dr. T. Tunc Uyanık, Ph.D. 


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's) and Family Businesses are the largest segment of the world economy. As markets and profits 

have increased globally, how will the growth engines for corporate and government revenues continue to grow? In fact, the rise of the Chinese middle class has grown China amazingly but now it has caused trade imbalances around the world and the trade negotiations. How does it all affect the world's SMEs and Family Business growth? This interactive discussion with Dr. T. Tunc Uyanik, Ph.D., CEO of World SMW Forum, will address growth investments, countries, policies, and what nations can do to ignite growth in their economies.


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Panel Moderator is Aaron Manaigo Malcolm Salter Mr. Manaigo has over 20 years of experience managing global SME public and private partnerships. He has worked on economic diplomacy for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of State, and EPA. Mr. Manaigo has unique U.S. Presidential Campaign experience, having Co-Chaired the Great America PAC and has served as a senior advisor on the presidential campaigns of President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, and Herman Cain.

10:00 AM – Country Presentations Reserved for the Following IEA Country Members
Charles Michel
Prime Minister Charles Michel

Charles Michel
Prime Minister Mark Rutte

11AM Country Presentation II


Governor of the General Authority for Investment

His Excellency Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman Al-Omar

His Excellency is also on the Board of Directors of Public Investment Fund, which is the Sovereign Wealth Fund for the Kingdom.  PIF has large investments in Softbank, Uber, Tesla and many other innovative companies. 

He is also Co-Chairman of Tayseer, the key Saudi Ministerial committee to secure and stimulate the investment environment for the private sector and to provide guarantees for the preservation of investor rights.  Previous to SAGIS, he was CEO of Bahri, The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia and current Board member of Bahri Chemicals.  His Excellency Al-Omar is also a Harvard alumni of Program for Leadership Development.

11:45AM Business, Trade and National Security

DMGS Board Chair Ms. Abby Moffat will introduce the panel and new DMGS President Chris Croft. 

Ms.Moffat is also the CEO of the DDS Foundation. The Foundation's mission is to promote national security, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, free enterprise, and to enhance quality of life by supporting the arts, education, global understanding, health advancements, and the environment.

Col. Chris Croft is the new President of DMGS. Col Croft served 30 years in the US Army in numerous commands and deployments. 

In partnership with the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security or "DMGS".  The DMGS offers a professional and executive education easily tailored to students who wish to pursue a career in national security or those currently working in the national security community. DMGS enables professionals to address the national security challenges of the new century by encouraging them to rethink tradition and assess new forms of analysis.
12:30 PM - LUNCH and Country Presentation III



Commence Secretary Wilbur Ross. 


The principal voice of business in the Trump administration, Secretary Ross is responsible for ensuring that US entrepreneurs and businesses have the tools they need to create jobs and economic opportunity. Secretary Ross is the former Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of WL Ross and Co. LLC with over 55 years of investment banking and private equity experience.

2PM - 5PM Private Meetings for IEA CEO Members

6PM Reception