Symposia Country Meetings Russian Investment Symposium

Events pictures

Andrei Illarionov and Graham Allison

Helen Teplitskaya of the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
and Noreen Doyle of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Yuri Isaev delivered
an opening address

Deputy of Minister of Economic Trade and Development
Yuri Isaev and David Iakobachvili of Wimm-Bill-Dann

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Sam Bodman, Director of Harvard's Belfer Center
Graham Allison, and President of Intel Russia Steve Chase

Andrei Illarionov and Scott Kerr

Dan Renberg of Ex-Im Bank and
Eugene Lawson of the US-Russia Business Council

Panel I: The View of the IFIs
on the Investment Climate in Russia

David Jones of Delta Capital, Dan Renberg of the Ex-Im Bank,
Pradeep Mitra of the World Bank, and moderator
William Casey of the Wall Street Journal on a panel on
Panel I: The View of the IFIs on the Investment Climate in Russia

Timothy Seymour and Ronald Freeman of Troika Dialog

Viktor Beliakov of Pyaterochka

Alexei Kim of the American Chamber
of Commerce in St. Petersburg

E-Russia panelist Mikhail Kouriatchev
of Luxoft speaks with a delegate

Panel V: Russia's Growing Entrepreneurial Class

Olga Mirimskaya of Russkii Produkt and Alexander Yurchenko of the All-Russian Exhibition Center discuss the consumer market

David Iakobachvili of Wimm-Bill-Dann
and Mikhail Moshiashvili of Ilim Pulp

Grigory Tomchin and Ambassador Sandy Vershbow

Bill Browder speaks on
Panel VI: Opportunities and Risk for Equity Investors

Panel IV: Russia's Accession to the WTO

Valery Golubev on St. Petersburg's 300th anniversary

Grigory Tomchin, Mark Pomar of IREX, and Mikhail Kouriatchev of Luxoft

Jacques Dunogue of Alcatel and Dr. Armen Sarkassian

Ronald Freeman of Troika Dialog, Larry Summers of Harvard University,
and Minos Zombanakis of Economic Evaluations

Valery Yashin of Svyazinvest and Andrew Somers of AmCham

Armen Sarkassian moderates Panel VII: E-Russia

Graham Allison speaks with Ambassador Vershbow

Olga Mirimskaya of Russkii Produkt with
Andrei Sterlin of Business Analytica

Todd Poindexter and Tracy Weslosky of Teton Petroleum

Noreen Doyle and Stan Phelps

Minister of Labor and Social Development
Aleksandr Pochinok

Ronald Freeman, Yuri Isaev, and Viktor Pleskachevsky
on Panel III: Banking Reform

Anatoly Karachinsky of the IBS Group
speaks with Ambassador James Collins

Vladimir Rybakin of Uralsvyazinform
and Duma Deputy Yuri Medvedev

State Duma Deputy Yuri Medvedev speaks on
Panel II: Russia's Regional Governors

State Duma Deputies Konstantin Remchukov and
Grigory Tomchin disagreed on the need for Russia to join the WTO

Esther Dyson of EDventures and
Sergei Kravchenko of Boeing

Frank Baker of the Andersen Group, Steve Chase of Intel Russia, and Anatoly Karachinsky of IBS on Panel X: The Internet and High Technology

Member of the Federation Council Valery Golubev

Anatoly Karachinsky of IBS and Mark Whitehouse of Vedomosti

Bill Browder, James Cook, and Sergei Dubinin

Viktor Belyakov of Pyaterochka, John McRoberts of
Altium Capital, and David Noble of Pyaterochka

State Duma Deputy Grigory Tomchin speaks with
Elena Makovskaia of the New Horizons Project

Panel IX: Corporate Governance in Russia