Engaging Students

Starting with Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Tufts University and West Point, we engage students in research and the organization of IEA events, allowing them to meet Heads of State, Ministers, CEOs and work with their teams.  Student interns contribute fresh and creative perspectives to IEA’s Programs. This opportunity provides an unparalleled experience for a select group of students who can become the next generation of leaders for countries and corporations.

Lead students in charge of IEA’s student outreach initiative: The initiative began with Ms. Lena Sene, 2010 Graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School and 2009 Graduate of the Harvard Business School, who is now Senior Advisor to IEA's Director. Currently, Samuel Laber, Tufts University class of 2012  runs our intern outreach.


Student Interns

IEA in collaboration with Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School have selected graduate students that have received the prestigious Thomas R. Pickering Fellowships to work year-round with IEA as the student leads to coordinate relations with IEA's 46 Country Members.  The 2012-2013 IEA-Pickering Fellows are:

Michelle Angulo Pickering Fellow, Tufts Fletcher School 2014  and IEA year-round Americas Student lead
Stephanie Oviedo Pickering Fellow Harvard Kennedy School 2014 and IEA year-round Europe Student lead
Esther Tetruashvily Pickering Fellow Harvard Davis Center 2014 and IEA year-round Asia Student lead
Azizou Atte Oudeyi Pickering Fellow Brandeis Graduate School of Government and IEA year-round Africa Student lead


2012 Summer Interns

Bryan Buckingham '14

Sydney Cushing '14

Yihao Li '14


2011-2012 Cornell University Student

Misha Checkovich '13


2011-2012 Tufts University Students

Paul Cortes '12
Samuel Laber '12
Andrew Parker '12

2010-2011 Tufts University Students

Sydney Thiam '11

Ayda Wondemu '11

Rosanna Xia '11

Fredrik Mellgren '11

Michael Vitale '11


2009-2010 Harvard University Kennedy School Graduates

Grant Lovellette '10

Junghee Mun '10

Robert Overbeek '10