2010 - Country Presentations

Heads of State/Ministers will present their country's economic policies and investment opportunities, offering you a view from around the world. Countries not represented at the Head of State or Ministerial level will Chair a table, lead private presentations and hold private meetings.

[ Countries are listed below in chronological order according to schedule and are subject to change ]


His Excellency Ahmed Chami

Minister of Industry, Trade & New Technology

H.E. Mr. Ahmed Chami was appointed Minister for Trade, Industry and New Technologies in October 2007 and is seen as one of the rising stars of the current Moroccan government. His portfolio includes responsibility for promoting domestic and foreign investment, previously the domain of the Prime Minister, so his scope is far wider than that of his predecessors. Mr. Chami speaks excellent English, and was previously President of Microsoft in North Africa and SE Asia. He is a member of the USFP (Socialist) Party.





His Excellency Mr. Boris Tadic

President of the Republic of Serbia

Boris Tadic is the President of Serbia. Prior to his Presidency, President Tadic served as the Minister of Defence of Serbia and Montenegro.

As Minister of Defence, President Tadic earned an international reputation as a great and effective reformer. He demonstrated extraordinary leadership and courage in dramatically overhauling the Ministry, instituting democratic reforms and transforming the military, thus laying the groundwork to provide Serbia with the necessary tools to meet future challenges at home and abroad. In particular, President Tadic was instrumental in establishing a modern, rapid reaction force under strict civilian control and reorganizing the Ministry and General Staff to be NATO compliant.

Since becoming President of the Republic of Serbia, President Tadic has consolidated Serbia’s democracy and become the international spokesman of the “new Serbia.” Serving as his country’s “ambassador of business”, President Tadic has led numerous trade delegations abroad; has actively promoted the “de-Balkanization of the Balkans” by taking the initiative in reconciliation efforts as well as by encouraging an increase in regional trade; and has vigorously re-forged a strategic partnership - based on common principles and interests - between Serbia and countries such as the United States, the member-states of the European Union, Russia and China. In particular, President Tadic has been a strong advocate of Serbia’s full and rapid integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures. Lastly, he has been a forceful advocate of a strategic solution to the challenge of Kosovo and Metohija - a solution that takes seriously the interests of all the legitimate stakeholders in the Serbian province’s future.

President Tadic had previously held numerous political and governmental posts, including that of Minister of Telecommunications in the months following the 5 October democratic revolution that overthrew the regime of Slobodan Milosevic. In addition, after serving two terms as the Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party, President Tadic was elected the Leader of the Democratic Party on 22 February 2004, succeeding the assassinated Prime Minister of Serbia, Dr. Zoran Djindjic. President Boris Tadić received the prestigious annual German award Quadriga, handed to prominent figures for their vision, courage and political determination.


His Excellency Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili

President of Georgia

Early on, His Excellency Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili started his career working in Law for a firm in New York City. He made his major leap into politics earning a parliamentary seat for the Union of Citizens of Georgia. Advancing then into the chairman position of the parliamentary committee. Later being appointed to Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Following these positions, Saakashvili became the Minister of Justice for the government.  

After this position, he founded the United National Movement (UNM). He then won his first presidential election, becoming the youngest national president in Europe. His success earned him a second victory. Currently, he is still serving as the President of Georgia.

He has a B.A. from the Institute of International Relations of the Kiev State University. Mr. Saakashvili later earned an L.L.M. from Columbia Law School in New York as and Edmund S. Muskie Fellowand a diploma from the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.



His Excellency Dr. Jan Pieter Balkenende

Prime Minister of the Netherland and Chairman of the Council of Ministers


Dr. Jan Pieter Balkenende is the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.  Dr. Balkenende has led three successive governments as Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs, entering his fourth term of office on 22 February 2007.

Dr. Balkenende has also been a member and vice-chair of the board of the broadcasting organisation NCRV. He is also a member of the Amsterdam Regional Forum, a chair of the Association of Christian Lawyers, member of the group on socially responsible business practice in the Royal Association MKB-Nederland which represents employers in small and medium-size businesses, and a member of the board of the Parliamentary History Group.

His Excellency Balkenende was a legal affairs policy officer at the Netherlands Universities Council. He then served on the staff of the policy institute of the Christian Democratic Alliance (CDA). Dr Balkenende was a member of Amstelveen municipal council from and leader of its CDA group. From 1993 to 2002 he was professor (part-time) of Christian social thought on society and economics at the VU University.

His Excellency Balkenende was also a member of the House of Representatives of the States General for the CDA, and leader of the CDA parliamentary party since 2001. He completed his secondary education in VU University in Amsterdam, where he studied history and Dutch law. His Excellency Balkenende obtained his doctorate in law in 1992 with a thesis on government regulation and civil society organizations.


His Excellency Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet

President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam


Early on, His Excellency Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet was actively involved with Vietnam’s mass organization called the Youth Union. Initially, as the Deputy Director of General Affairs Department, and later as the Head of the Youth Union Central Committee's Board for Voluntary Young People. He has also served as Secretary of the Party Committee of the Youth Union Central Committee in HCM City and on the Central Committee's Executive Board. He was also the Deputy President and General Secretary of the Viet Nam Youth Union.

Later, Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet was elected to the Party Committee of the southern Song Be Province. Throughout this period he helped guide this largely agricultural province into an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

He was later elected to the Party's Politburo and the Head of Ho Chi Minh City. More recently, he was the Deputy to the 11th National Assembly. Currently,   is serving his nation as State President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and taught as a Professor of Mathematics in Saigon early in his career.


His Excellency Mr. Amr Al-Dabbagh

Governor and Chairman of the Board of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

His Excellency Mr. Amr Al-Dabbagh has been an active leader within a wide range of influential Organizations and has continued to achieve the best results as possible. He has been active from an academic standpoint through his board position of the Harvard Institute for Social and Economic Policy in the Middle East at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He as formerly served in a myriad of organizations and positions including: the Young Presidents' Organization, the Advisory Board of the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, the Board of the Arab-French Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors of the Savola Group, Chairman of the Jeddah Marketing Board, Founding Chairman of the Jeddah Economic Forum, Member of HRH Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum in the United Kingdom, Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania, served as Honorary Counsel of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Saudi Arabia, and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Centennial Fund. He has also been twice elected to consecutive, 4-year terms as a board member of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, is the Founding Chairman of the STARS Foundation, and was designated by the Executive Board of the World Economic Forum and the Editorial Board of Worldlink Magazine as one of 100 "Global Leaders of Tomorrow" to watch.

He has served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Dabbagh Group taking them to new heights.  He is also an active member of the World Economic Forum, the Middle East Regional Advisory Board of the London Business School, and the Board of Trustees of Eisenhower Fellowships.

Mr. Amr Al Dabbagh obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from King Abdulaziz University.  His international business career developed through executive programs in management at the Harvard Business School, the Wharton School, the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the London Business School, as well as through training programs with Merrill Lynch, Coutts & Co., and Banque Worms.  


His Excellency Mr. Mikulás Dzurinda

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former Prime Minister

His Excellency Mr. Mikulás Dzurinda started his professional career at the Transport Research Institute in Žilina as an economic analyst. He began his political career as one of the founding members of the Christian-Democratic Movement (KDH). Shortly after, he assumed his first executive position of the Deputy Minister for transport and communications and then he became the Minister for this sector. Following this, he was elected an MP of the Slovak national parliament, where he worked as a member of the committee for budget and finance. Mr. Mikulás Dzurinda served as the deputy chairman of KDH for economy.

Next, he was chosen leader of the Slovak Democratic Coalition and he founded a new political party, the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) and has been its chairman ever since. Subsequently, he achieved the honor to represent his country as Prime Minister of this newly formed democratic coalition government. During his government, the Slovak Republic became the member of the NATO and the European Union. He served Slovakia’s prime minister role for two consecutive terms. He is a Member of Parliament and the Foreign Affairs Committee. Currently, he is serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia.

He graduated from the University of Transport in Žilina. Later, he completed his post-graduate scientific research there and was awarded a Candidate of Sciences (CSc.) degree. 


Mr. Julio Velarde 

Governor of the Central Bank of Peru


Julio Velarde is the Governor of the Central  Bank of Peru. He is the former Chairman, Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR) and Member of the Board of Governors , Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Mr. Velarde was the Dean of the Department of Economics, Universidad del Pacifico.

He was a Senior Full Professor, Department of Economics, Universidad del Pacifico, from 1986 to 2003. He has been member of the Board of several Commercial Banks and Non-Financial Corporations and Advisor of International Organizations.

During his tenure as the Governor of the Central Bank of Peru there has seen significant growth in the Peru economy. Reru’s GDP grew 9.8% in 2008, 8.9% in 2007, and 7.7% in 2006. Recent economic expansion has been driven by construction, mining, private investment, exports, and domestic consumption. Public external debt in 2008 dropped to $19.2 billion, and foreign reserves were a record $31.2 billion.

Mr. Velarde has a B.A.  in Economics,  from Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru, an M.A. in Economics,  Brown University,  and a Ph.D in Economics, Brown University.