2004 - Eighth Annual Russian Investment Symposium

New Investment Opportunities and Managing Growth

Welcome to the website for the 8th Annual U.S.-Russian Investment Symposium. Founded in 1997 at Harvard University, US-RIS brings together Harvard professors, key members of the financial community, government officials and business leaders for a results-oriented Symposium designed to illuminate Russia’s investment climate. Officially collaborating with the U.S. Department of Commerce, we work closely with both the U.S. and Russian Governments to create an event that will serve your interests and contribute to strengthening business ties between our two countries. As President Putin pointed out in a recent July 2004 address to Russian diplomats, relations with U.S. businesses must be improved. “Good trusting contacts on the level of leadership of both countries foster close cooperation...but for a stable and strategic partnership... business must be interested in constructive, good relations with Russia.”